PHILIPPIANS 001: 7/29/2010 7:30 PM Acts 16 Introduction: historical context; social and religious culture; Paul's visit and church's beginning

PHILIPPIANS 002: 8/3/2010 7:30 PM Ph 1:1-3 Introduction: Philippians character of grace giving; greeting, saints, peace


8/5/2010 7:30 PM Ph 1 Chapter One overview; Paul's relationship to them; Paul's joy and desire for them


8/10/2010 7:30 PM Ph 1:1-6 slaves to Jesus Christ; meaning of overseer; Doctrine of perseverance


8/17/2010 7:30 PM Ph 1:6 doctrine of perseverance; God's sovereignty and free will; assurance is foundation for growth


8/19/2010 7:30 PM Ph 1:6-7 Day of Christ; verses on rapture; state of the believer between death and rapture; resurrection


8/24/2010 7:30 PM Ph 1:6-8 Paul's confidence in the Philippians; Paul's ministry in prison; Paul's affections


8/26/2010 7:30 PM Ph 1:8-10 virtue and perception toward love; testing excellent things


8/31/2010 7:30 PM Ph 1:10 test the excellent by means of knowledge and standard of virtue

PHILIPPIANS 017: Ph 1:10-11 confidence before judgment seat comes from the system, volition and the judge


PHILIPPIANS 018: Ph 1:15-17 clarify motives for ministry; some are preaching from selfish ambition; Paul's appointment as apostle


PHILIPPIANS 019: Ph 1:17-19 appointment of Paul as an apostle; apostleship; Paul's journey toward deliverance


PHILIPPIANS 020: Ph 1:19-21 supply of the Holy Spirit; proclamation of Jesus in your life ensures the outcome of your life


PHILIPPIANS 021: Ph 1:21 living for and in Jesus in every realm of conduct; the victory of death


PHILIPPIANS 022: Ph 1:24 Paul pulled in two directions; superiority of heaven; responsibility of spiritual gift


PHILIPPIANS 023: Ph 1:24-26 Paul is confident of his purpose; advance in faith grace gives us decisions to make

PHILIPPIANS 024: Ph 1:27 rights and responsibilities of citizenship; living worthy of the Gospel; results


PHILIPPIANS 025: Ph 1:27 Christian unity: two phases, legitimate and illegitimate division, remedy


PHILIPPIANS 026: Ph 1:27-28 unity and virtue love courage as a Christian causes fear in the opposition; worldly fear


PHILIPPIANS 027: Ph 1:28-29 biblical idea of fear; two grace gifts: to believe and to suffer 


PHILIPPIANS 028: Ph 1:1-29 ch 1 review: Paul's joy, ultimate sanctification, current refining, love, results in knowledge, encouragement about suffering


PHILIPPIANS 029: Ph 2 outline; unity and humility; messenger of Timothy and Epaphroditus; crowning virtues in a church

PHILIPPIANS 030: Ph 2:1-4 encouragement of Christ; agape love; partnership with Holy Spirit; emotion and unity in thinking


PHILIPPIANS 031: Ph 2:3-5 think of others as superior; God became man so man could live like God


PHILIPPIANS 032: Ph 2:1-4 Mind of Christ has been revealed; revelation is finite; communion with God


PHILIPPIANS 033:Ph 2:5 scripture is complete so that we can be complete; full knowledge gained through scripture


PHILIPPIANS 034: Ph 2:5 image and likeness of God with responsibility; attributes of God


PHILIPPIANS 035: Ph 2:6 5 passages on giving thanks; reasons why Christ had to become man


PHILIPPIANS 036: Ph 2:6 the true humanity of Christ; Deity of Christ; verses

PHILIPPIANS 037: Ph 2:6; Lk 4:1-14; Mt 4 Christ's operation as a human during tests in the wilderness


PHILIPPIANS 038: Ph 2:6 virgin birth as a sign of Christ's coming; Christ's miracles, signs, wonders, and works are from the Father, not from His own power


PHILIPPIANS 039: Ph 2:6-8 exegesis; Christ emptied Himself not deeming deity a prize to hold on to


PHILIPPIANS 040: audience interaction on attributes of God; goodness of God; Christian good deeds


PHILIPPIANS 041: Ph 2:7-8 review of attributes; likeness of humanity; visibly human; humiliation of the cross

PHILIPPIANS 042: Ph 2:9-11 exaltation and recognition of Jesus; session ministry - elements and scripture


PHILIPPIANS 043: Ph 2:9-11; Ps 110 exaltation fulfills prophecy; the "enemies" are fallen angels; Katachthonians


PHILIPPIANS 044: Ph 2:12 Christian is a disruption to the world; predisposition to obey; word study on "work out"; awe of salvation


PHILIPPIANS 045: Phil 2 Characteristics of a Mature Believer: checklist: how you bring it up to a high level


26 Jan 2011 7:30 PM Philippians 046, Phil 2:12-13 Characteristics of a Mature Believer; work out your salvation; solidify your doctrine; exegesis

PHILIPPIANS 047: 1 Feb 2011 7:30 PM Ph 2:13 God is constantly working inside of you; word study; energeion; struggle in human soul; pleasing God; Hb 4:12


PHILIPPIANS 048: 2 Feb 2011 7:30 PM Ph 2:14 the record of the wilderness generation and the grumbling of the Israelites


8 Feb 2011 7:30 PM Phil 049 Ph 2:14-15 word study on arguing; blameless and undiluted in the midst of a crooked and twisted generation


9 Feb 2011 7:30 PM Phil 050 Ph 2:15-16 shine as lights in the midst of a perverse generation; how the Jews were set apart by the Law; giving the Word of Life


15 Feb 2011 7:30 PM Phil 051 PH 2:15-16 Israel and the Church; Church is a new entity; holding forth the word of life; Jn 4 making opportunities


16 Feb 2011 7:30 PM Phil 052 PH 2 16-20 making opportunities for the gospel; celebrating glory; working for their faith; sending Timothy

Mar 1, 2011 7:30 PM PH055 Ph 2:24-3:21 planning; relationship and service of Epaphroditus; chapter 3 overview


Mar 2, 2011 7:30 PM PH056 Ph3:1 reasons to rejoice; repetition in interesting ways leads to stability


15 Mar 2011 7:30 PM PHIL 057 Ph 3:2-3 Biblical view of dogs; evil workers; party of the circumcision; serve GHS with obedience


16 Mar 2011 7:30 PM PHIL 058 Ph3:3 tracing the institution of physical circumcision in Genesis; circumcising the heart in Jeremiah


22 Mar 2011 Phil 059 7:30 PM Ph 3:3 Circumcision of the heart; Act 15 Peter's argument for faith; Rm 3-4 Paul's argument, legalism


23 Mar 2011 Phil 060 7:30 PM Ph 3:3 Circumcision can not save you; Timothy's case was because of evangelism to the Jews; Paul's credentials

05 Apr 2011 Phil 061 7:30 PM Ph 3:4-5 Paul's list of worldly accomplishments and his humility about them


06 Apr 2011 Phil 062 7:30 PM Ph 3:5-8 Paul's resume and history; attitude toward old self; evaluation as loss


12 Apr 2011 Phil 063 7:30 PM Ph 3:8-9 excellence and advantage of the knowledge of Christ; baptism into Christ so you are found in Him

13 Apr 2011 Pastor Perkins was gone. No class held.


19 Apr 2011 Phil 064 7:30 PM Ph 3:9-10 keeping the Law cannot justify you; faith of Christ and righteousness of God; knowing God and power of resurrection


20 Apr 2011 Phil 065 7:30 PM Ph 3:11 exegesis; Christ's resurrection gives us rationales and motivation to power the Christian life


26 Apr 2011 7:30 PM Phil 066 Ph 3:12 prize your ultimate purpose; attitude in suffering; pursuing the ultimate purpose


27 Apr 2011 7:30 PM Phil 067 Ph 12-13 Paul's pursuit; what God laid hold of him for; still has more ministry to do

3 May 2011 7:30 PM Phil 068 Ph 3:13-14 forgetting what's behind; pursuing the goal; 2 Tim 4:5-8 keeping the faith; Hb 12:1-2



4 May 2011 7:30 PM Phil 069 Ph 3:15 unity based on thinking and scripture; how God teaches you; Eph 4:1-5 proper unity


17 May 2011 7:30 PM Phil 072 Phil 3:20 straight line Christianity; the high calling of our citizenship of heaven; eagerly awaiting Jesus' return


18 May 2011 7:30 PM Phil 073 Phil 3:21 corrupt and lowly bodies utterly transformed; resurrection is the great victory


24 May 2011 7:30 PM Phil 074 Phil 4 chapter four outline; commands and exhortations; the thoughtfulness of the Philippians; final greetings

25 May 2011 no class

MEMORIAL DAY SPECIAL - 29 May 2011 9:45 AM Mem - 1 "Give Me Tomorrow" ordeal of George Company at the Chosin Reservoir - description of the battle

MEMORIAL DAY SPECIAL - 29 May 2011 11:15 AM Mem - 2 "Give Me Tomorrow" ordeal of George Company at the Chosin Reservoir - battle won; Biblical principles


31 May 2011 7:30 PM Phil 075 Phil 4:1 relationship foundation of ministry; stand firm; crowns as rewards: descriptions

1 June 2011 7:30 PM Phil 076 Phil 4: 2-3 exhortation to be like-minded, to bring these women back into unity and the objective of the church


PHIL 077 14 Jun 2011 7:30 PM Ph 4:4 Rejoicing in the Lord; depression - Biblical solutions, supporting verses


PHIL 078 15 Jun 2011 7:30 PM Ph 4:4-5 depression responds to willful rejoicing; reasons to rejoice; results of rejoicing demonstrate Biblical thinking


PHIL 079 21 Jun 2011 7:30 PM Ph 4:5-6 implications of world view of unbelief; antidote to worry: loving God and praying


PHIL 080 22 Jun 2011 7:30 PM Ph 4:5-8 flow of the passage; sound thinking, worry, thanksgiving, peace of God


PHIL 081 28 Jun 2011 7:30 PM Ph 4:6-8 OT passages that demonstrate application of v. 6-7; v. 8 actively think on virtue; good comes from God


PHIL 082 29 Jun 2011 7:30 PM Ph 4:8 exegesis; the virtues we should dwell on, seek and share with others

5 Jul 2011 7:30 PM Phil 083 Ph 4:8-9 thinking passages in the New Testament; elements of the soul; faith and obedience build a good conscience


6 Jul 2011 7:30 PM Phil 084 Ph 4:9-12 proper attitude towards circumstances; humility; Paul's triumphal attitude about contentment


12 Jul 2011 7:30 PM Phil 085 Ph 4:8 three failures of mysticism; leads to evil; sufficiency and intelligibility of scripture


13 Jul 2011 7:30 PM Phil 086 Ph 4:13 power of Christ in your life overcomes all things; inward power principles and verses


26 Jul 2011 7:30 PM Phil 087 Ph 4:10-18 Paul's teaching on giving, noticing need, sharing reward, Philippian's support, motives


27 Jul 2011 7:30 PM Phil 088 Ph 4:19-23 all glory comes from God; verses on God's glory; final greetings

2 Aug 2011 7:30 PM Phil 089 Ph 1:1-17 Review of the book; Philippians' share in the gospel; circumstances pave the way for the Gospel


3 Aug 2011 7:30 PM Phil 090 Ph 1:15-2:5 Review of the Book; Paul's confidence of deliverance; gift to suffer; unity and humility


9 Aug 2011 7:30 PM Phil 091 Ph 2:1-3:7 Review of the Book; Agape love between believers; Christ's humility, be blameless, Paul sends Timothy and Epaphroditus


10 Aug 2011 7:30 PM Phil 092 Ph 3:1- 4:23 Review of the Book; Paul's confidence in faith, not fleshly accomplishment; be a straight line Christian; proper thinking