11 June 2017 11:15 AM SysTh04 Inspiration ensure the inerrancy of Scripture; Christ authenticates people and events of the OT; Scripture never fails and has authority
18 June 2017 11:15 AM SysTh05 Canonicity - standard by which you measure scripture; inspiration defines the standard; OT had to be prophecy by a prophet
25 June 2017 11:15 AM SysTh06 Canonicity - Bill Puryear teaching; definition; how canonicity is determined; history of NT documents; scribes and errors
09 July 2017 11:15 AM SysTh07 NT Canonicity - the scriptural case: God speaks through His Son - Hb 1 Son sends GHS to reveal and enable recall of Truth so apostles can write
23 July 2017 11:15 AM SysTh08 Bibliology - closing of the Canon of Scripture; self testimony of Scripture; sufficiency means complete; "the faith" is speaking of scripture
10 September 2017 11:15 AM SysTh09 Theology Proper - Introduction to the study of God's Essence: unity and simplicity of attributes; how we can imitate Him
17 September 2017 11:15 AM SysTh10 Theology Proper - the essence of God: non-communicable attributes; Spirit - not of this Universe; Life; Trinity; Perfection
24 September 2017 11:15 AM SysTh11 Theology Proper - Attributes flow from Essence: Aseity, Sovereignty allows human volition, Immutable, Majesty, Infinite - omniscience
15 October 2017 11:15 AM SysTh 012 Theology Proper: Capabilities are governed by His holy character; Omnipresence results in perception; Omniscience wisdom, omnipotence carries out
22 October 2017 11:15 AM SysTh 013 Theology Proper – attributes we are to incorporate into our lives: Righteousness, Justice, Love
29 October 2017 11:15 AM SysTh 014 Theology Proper - attributes we are to imitate: Truth - the nature of absolute reality; Logos - basis of all order in the Universe
19 November 2017 11:15 AM SysTh 016 Theology Proper: attributes we are to imitate: restraint; faithfulness humility, goodness – only God is truly good
03 December 2017 11:15 AM Sys Th 017 Angelology – fact and purpose of the creation of angels; character and appearance; greater than man; ranks among elect and fallen
10 December 2017 11:15 AM SysTh 018 Angelology: fall of Satan and the angels; angelic conflict focuses on Satan's accusation of humans and undeserved suffering
14 January 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 019 Angelology – different judgments of angels; present activity of angels; purpose of elect angels; behind the curtain of the angelic conflict
21 January 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 020 Angelology: interaction between God and Satan (Job 1) and Jesus and Satan (Mt 4); Satan is god of this age; how Satan operates
28 January 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 021 Angelology – How Satan deceives nations in wars, by religion; trend toward internationalism; worship diverted from the real God
11 February 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 022 Angelology – Satan's plan for your life – be wary as each stage demands another step to keep your arrogance
11 March 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 024 Anthropology – Divine revelation is better description of human reality; God revealed creation; humans have 3 parts – body
18 March 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 025 Anthropology – God created us body, soul and spirit; systems in the body; human spirit – study of the image of God; human soul
22 April 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 026 Anthropology – components of the soul: how the conscience works; affects emotions; can be molded and shaped or corrupted
27 May 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 27 Anthropology: emotion – your thinking sets in motion your responses; science is corroborating; Biblical thinking
08 July 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 028 Anthropology: Gender, Sexuality and Race: Gender stems from creation; temptation vs entertaining the idea; skin color is adaptation only
15 July 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 029 Biblical Anthropology wrap up on race, morality - death is a result of the Fall, it is powerless because of Christ
23 September 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 030 Hamartiology: Introduction; personal sin is missing the mark, has its origin in Satan; the transmission to humans
14 October 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 031 Hamartiology: personal sin - sampler of the 3 categories of sin; mental attitude, verbal and overt sins; consequence is death; original sin
21 October 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 032 Hamartiology: imputation of Adam's original sin; Doctrine of Imputations relieves you from condemnation and compulsion, but still have the inclination to sin
28 October 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 033 Hamartiology - our sin nature is fueled by the sense that we are dying; war between flesh and spiritual grace; unrepentant state is walking in the flesh
11 November 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 034 Hamartiology - unrepentant state of mind; confession and spiritual life; Total Depravity - helpless to solve problem of death and sin
18 November 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 035 Hamartiology - Total Depravity means we cannot solve the problem of our sin nature ourselves; God provided, principles about faith
25 November 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 036 Hamartiology - everyone can have faith; Sin unto Death - continuing in unrepentance until death, can be confessed and forgiven
02 December 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 037 beliefs of generation Z; Hamartiology - The Sin Unto Death; any sin can result in death; the unforgivable sin is calling GHS a liar
09 December 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 038 Christology - THE question is who do you say Jesus is; evidences of His humanity; completely God and completely man
16 December 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 039 Christology - the deity of Jesus; called God in scripture, possesses attributes of God, performed works of God, self testimony, God's testimony
23 December 2018 11:15 AM SysTh 040 Christology Lk 2:22-38 Simeon and Anna on the occasion of the circumcision of Jesus they were ready for the 1st advent; be ready for the 2nd advent
06 January 2019 11:15 AM SysTh 040 Christology - the deity of Jesus; He clearly demonstrates the Father; had to become man to satisfy the penalty for sin, be a mediator and example
20 January 2019 11:15 AM SysTh 041 Christology - humanity and deity of Jesus - verses that demonstrate how Jesus operated during the incarnation; He is always God, never uses deity to solve
27 January 2019 11:15 AM SysTh 042 Christology - results of incarnation, hypostatic union and kenosis; He could pay for our sins, be our High Priest - forgiveness and salvation - and our legitimate example