17 December 2017 9:45 AM History of Everything, HOE 001 Jn 1:1-5 Trinity, Logos created - OT verses; worship Him; in Him is spiritual life; His light is still shining
17 December 2017 11:15 AM History of Everything, HOE 002 James 2; Jn 1:6-18 God testifies through our lives; John the Baptist; Christ not recognized by the world or His own people
24 December 2017 9:45 AM History, HOE 003 The gospel in Job chapters 1-10; Job is in spotlight of angelic conflict; doesn't know it; Job's reactions to undeserved suffering; friends
24 December 2017 11:15 AM History, HOE 004 The gospel in Job - chapters 11-19; how great the darkness contrasts how great the light; only hope is for a mediator; only God solves problem